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Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd is a multinational conglomerate business, offering our first-rate services & exceptional customer service to the B2C & B2B industries from the comfort of their own homes/offices.


We’re a company made up of innovators & forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update & improve the online e-commerce experience for businesses as well as the experience for customers.


We also regularly host e-sports events worldwide online or at our LAN events. Free Training & sponsorships are available to those that need it.




Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd does a variety of things.


Elite Lucky Gamers ® provides retail products to both the B2C & B2B industries.


Elite Lucky Gamers ® has a e-sports division, we host LAN events in London, England & offers free training as well as sponsorships for those who need it.


Elite Lucky Gamers ® has a Virtual Seller program where we (the company) will sell their products for a small percentage of the final sale amount.


Elite Lucky Gamers ® has a gaming community.




Elite Lucky Gamers ® first began as a very small gaming community on Xbox 360 which was mainly between Darius' friends at school on the 19th of March 2009. Elite Lucky Gamers ® was called United Lucky Gamers in 2009 as the clan had a partnership with another very small gaming community on Call of Duty. 


In 2010, United Lucky Gamers was renamed to Elite Lucky Gamers as the partnership with the other gaming community died out due to continuous arguments between Darius and his friend, which owned the other gaming community on Call of Duty.


On August 2010, the Elite Lucky Gamers ® Twitter account was created but remained inactive with very minimal tweets being published monthly.


In 2011, Elite Lucky Gamers became a tiny bit bigger as a gaming community and had around 200 or so members. There were no major changes in 2011.

In 2012, Elite Lucky Gamers became inactive for the entire year as most of their members either left Elite Lucky Gamers or were inactive.


In 2013, Darius got a free laptop from the United Kingdom Government for educational purposes. Even though the main purpose of the laptop was to be educational and used for school, Darius didn't mainly use it for the proposed purpose. He then began researching other large gaming communities on Google to see what they did to become so large. He found out the best things to do were to create a website, create more social accounts, and find people to spread the word about his gaming community online. He then found a free website builder called Wix. He registered for an account on Wix and began making a website for Elite Lucky Gamers whilst hoping that his plan would turn out to be positive rather than negative. After completing the website, he then published the website on Google still hoping there would be a positive outcome. 

In 2014, Elite Lucky Gamers then began actually generating traffic and more members began to join. Thanks to Wix, Elite Lucky Gamers was growing faster than ever. After Darius saw the positive outcome, he made a Facebook page for Elite Lucky Gamers hoping that would turn out to be positive as well. He also updated the Elite Lucky Gamers website appearance as a lot of members complained that it either looked "ugly" or "bad".

In 2015, the Elite Lucky Gamers Facebook page didn't really make much of a difference for the community as it only made up 1% of the traffic Elite Lucky Gamers received. Darius then decided to leave the Facebook page inactive and just left it there without any future plans to expand the Facebook page further. 

In 2016, Elite Lucky Gamers experienced a lot of changes.

On January 2016, the Elite Lucky Gamers website was drastically improved. With the help of Wix, Elite Lucky Gamers reached  321% (approx) more traffic than 2015. 

On February 2016, Elite Lucky Gamers continued expanding drastically. 

On March 2016, Darius found out that his mother was in financial debt and that he, his sister and his mother were going to be homeless. 

On April 2016, Darius began finding ways to generate some supportive income. 

On May 2016, Darius attempted to earn money but failed. 

On June 2016, Darius gave his birthday money to his mother to try and help. 

On July 2016, their debt continued to grow. 


On August 2016, an unexpected email was sent to Darius about reviewing an iPhone 6s Plus case on Amazon.co.uk. Whilst Darius was desperate to generate some income, he thought to himself that if he got the iPhone case, he could just sell it. Even though it'd most likely only generate maybe £5 or £10 for him, he still decided to take the offer. When he actually got the iPhone Case, he reviewed it and attached a video review to the Amazon.co.uk review as well. The Chinese phone accessory company that sent him the iPhone case were so impressed by his reviewing skills that they began spreading the word about him to other Chinese companies. 

On September 2016, Darius experienced vast amounts of emails from hundreds of companies worldwide (mostly Chinese companies) asking, even go as far as begging Darius to review their products. Darius was overwhelmed with the amounts of emails and requests he received. He accepted them all, reviewed them all, and all those companies began telling, even more, companies about him. Darius then sold all the products he got for free from all these Chinese companies on eBay & Amazon using Elite Lucky Gamers' name. With the money Darius managed to make, he then saw a supplier selling genuine 12 month Xbox Live Gold Memberships to businesses for a very cheap price. He bought around 26 of the 12 months Xbox Live Gold membership codes with hopes to sell them on Amazon.co.uk and all other international Amazon marketplaces. On the same week of his Amazon store being created, he listed all 26 of the codes on Amazon. A buyer in Germany then bought all 26 of the Xbox codes which all of a sudden made him over £1,200. He was over the moon with joy. He sent all 26 codes to the buyer in Germany. 

On October 2016, Darius received 52 emails from Amazon Seller Support in Germany, telling him that a chargeback case was created for all 26 orders. 26 emails informing him that a chargeback case was created, and 26 emails informing him that all the chargeback cases were accepted by Amazon Seller Support as they gave "completed their investigation". What made this end so badly was that an additional £20 was charged (because of credit card fees) for each order and Darius had to pay back £1,200 plus an additional £520 in credit card fees which equalled to £1,720 or approximately €1931. Darius didn't have £1,720, he only had the £1,200 that he left untouched to surprise his mother with. Amazon still took the £1,720 out of his bank account, and he went overdraft. With the debt he was facing, he experienced major panic attacks that made him end up in the hospital numerous times, and he also was diagnosed with Anxiety and Severe Depression. The worst thing about this is that Amazon Seller Support in Germany informed him that they accepted the 26 fraudulent chargebacks by mistake and that they were not supposed to be accepted by Amazon. Darius then asked Amazon Seller Support to recover the funds from the buyer in Germany. Amazon Seller Support contacted him a week later informing him that there is nothing that Amazon could do. This threw Darius into a deeper hole of depression. Darius contacted Action Fraud. After 28 days, Action Fraud told him that the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has informed Action Fraud that there were no leads and that the funds, as well as the buyer, could not be found. It was now clear that Darius had lost the funds with no way of retrieving it back. Action Fraud then referred Darius to Victim Support which tried to help Darius with his depression. 

On November 2016, Darius had received thousands of emails from companies asking him once again to review their products. Even though Darius was (and still is to this day) experiencing depression, Darius still accepted their offer with hopes again to sell all the products on eBay as a business seller rather than Amazon. He got thousands of products valued at £5-100 each. Darius tried including a video with each product, but because his voice sounded really depressed, he just wrote long and descriptive reviews instead for the companies. It took him about a month to complete all the reviews. 

On December 2016, Darius created an eBay for Business seller account and listed thousands of products on eBay. All the items quickly sold, and eBay noticed this. eBay then told Darius that he became a top-rated international eBay seller and eBay gave him and his company various benefits such as free listings, listing advantages, the eBay Premium Service badge on all his listings, and lowered PayPal and eBay seller fees. Royal Mail also noticed the mass amount of mail he was sending and Royal Mail offered him a partnership and promised him that they would offer him postal services for a lower price for Elite Lucky Gamers. 

On January 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers ® expanded extremely quickly with dozens of the biggest companies in the world offering him and Elite Lucky Gamers ® Partnerships. Elite Lucky Gamers ® became partners with the biggest companies such as, Amazon, eBay, Hungry House, Wix, Google and much more which are all listed in the Partners section of our website.

On February 2017, Darius applied for a trademark to the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office. Elite Lucky Gamers ® still continued generating money and still continued expanding very quickly.

On March 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers' trademark application had been accepted by the United Kingdom Government.


On April 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers' introduced various services for businesses such as advertisement services, product listing services, description writing services and the most admired one of them all, Product reviewing services.

On May 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers' Twitter account began receiving a lot of followers and Elite Lucky Gamers ® was still in it's "expansion heaven".


On June 2017, Darius' was now planning on registering Elite Lucky Gamers ® with the Companies House as he had reached the minimum age requirement of 16 years old to become a Director of a limited company. (U.K. Government Companies Register)

On July 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers' Twitter account suddenly expanded and had reached over 80,000 Twitter Followers. Darius' began searching for Companies House registration agencies. 


On August 2017, he then found The Formations Company. He was (and still is) really impressed with the services they provide for such low prices. He then decided to pick their Super formation package to give Elite Lucky Gamers ® a boost. Elite Lucky Gamers' application was accepted and The Formations Company then became the official formation agency for Elite Lucky Gamers Limited. On the same month, he decided to rent a headquarters office for Elite Lucky Gamers Limited. Elite Lucky Gamers Limited then got an HQ in London, England.


On September 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers ® continued expanding and then became VAT registered with the HMRC.

On October 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers' Gaming Community continued growing and is now very large.


On November 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers ® began expanding their business services department, which was a great move for us.


On December 2017, Elite Lucky Gamers ® Gaming Community surpassed 3,000 members on their Discord server.


On January 2018, Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd became official partners with Intelisys Global and Evolve IP which expanded our portfolio to include VoIP services for our Business customers.


On February 2018, Elite Lucky Gamers ® Gaming Community surpassed 8,000 members worldwide and began giving away 30-100 games daily as well as occasional special giveaways & challenges. The Elite Lucky Gamers ® Help Centre also was fully released to the general public.


On March 2018, Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd introduced e-sports events available online worldwide via our gaming community department (Discord server) and LAN E-sports events in London, England.


On April 2018, Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd officially changed their business to a "multinational conglomerate business" and expanded their Virtual Sellers program.




To this day, Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd continues expanding while improving online gaming, selling & buying experience for us all. 


The aspiration of a 17-year-old became a reality with the help of reviewing an iPhone case on Amazon.


Amazing, right?