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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a company owner, what services do you provide us?

We currently provide a vast variety of services for company owners to help them get a massive boost for their company, and for their profits. Two things we do is provide excellent advertising for your company and products with advice from a Approved Google Adwords Expert and with a Online Marketing Fundamentals qualification. We also provide excellent product reviewing which you can view here. You can view all of our departments here.

Where can I view the Elite Lucky Gamers Customer Store?

Our customer store is currently closed for improvements.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We offer PayPal, we also do accept credit cards and all other major bank institutions.

What is your return policy?

Unlike other companies and stores that offer 14 day refunds, Elite Lucky Gamers ® offers up to 30 days for refunds. To read our entire policy please click here.

What is your privacy policy?

At Elite Lucky Gamers ®, we care about our customers privacy, therefore we've made this policy to explain how we handle with it. Please click here to view the full policy.

What is your terms of conditions?

Elite Lucky Gamers ® cares about the safety of other members in our community and our customers. Please click here to view the full policy.

Do you offer gift cards?

Elite Lucky Gamers ® doesn't offer their own gift cards but you could always send money to the special person's account via PayPal. You can view how to do this by clicking here.