Did you know you can review us on Google?


3 weeks ago, we asked Google if they could make us a Google My Business Listing so that our customers & members could find us easily on Google as well as find contact information and important updates swiftly.

Google, luckily said sure!

We now have a Google My Business listing. On this listing you can;

- View our prior customer, member & client reviews.

- You can review us to share your experience with us with other up-coming customers.

- Find contact information such as our Phone number and etc.

- See very important updates from us, straight away and easily.

- View our Google Rating. (5 stars right now) - View opening and closing times easily and swiftly. We hope you guys will like this new addition to Elite Lucky Gamers ®!

We're constantly looking for new ways to improve, so if you have any suggestions, please shoot them at us over on to Twitter or you can contact us here.

Thank you all so much!

- Elite Lucky Gamers ®.