Important information about Elite Lucky Gamers!

Hey, everyone! :)

This post is to confirm our Store department has been temporarily closed down due to that particular subsidiary has declared bankruptcy, sadly. :(

All other Elite Lucky Gamers ® subsidiaries remain open and running but slightly affected for now.

Our store department will remain closed until further notice. This could be one month, one year, or ten years. Time will tell.

For now, Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd will continue expanding all other ELG departments/subsidiaries.

But, ELG may possibly create more to support our on-going goal of improving the online shopping experience for everyone, such as sellers and customers. We will also expand our range of B2B services. We're not too sure about B2C services though.

In the meantime, stay tuned on our website or Twitter profile.

We would also like to take the time to thank @Jxmimamay for supporting us.

Additionally, we've introduced more departments! You can view these new departments on "Our Departments".

Thank you! :)