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New stuff!

Hey everyone! 👋

We've got some news for you guys. 😄

We are now partnered with a lot more companies than we were partnered with previously, which means for our business customers, an even better service will be provided to you guys! 😄

You can view all of our new partners by going here.

We're also considering moving into the web-hosting and SSL market. We've already made our first move into the SSL market by partnering up with DigiCert. More news on the entire SSL service will be released soon.

We are also now going deeper into the VOIP market. We've made our first big move by partnering up with Intelisys.

We're going into so many markets that some people call us crazy for doing it, but as Anonymous said once, "Do one thing everyday that scares you". So, why not! We're always trying to expand. 😄

Thank you all for your continued support, and please make sure to continue giving us feedback by simply contacting us. 😄

Bye for now!

Elite Lucky Gamers ® Business & Customer Inquiries Team, a department of Elite Lucky Gamers Limited.