We've grown so much, thank you.

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry about the lack of blog posts in the past 3 months. Me, as well as everyone here at Elite Lucky Gamers ® have just been so busy trying to improve, grow and revolutionise all of our departments and on-going projects that we've barely ever had enough time to post blog posts on here.

Anyway, besides that, our gaming community department is continuing to grow consistently (we've now reached over 8,000 members thanks to you guys!) and it's becoming better and stronger by the second, quite literally. We've recently introduced new features onto our gaming community which i'm sure you'll be happy with if you're one of our members.

We've also improved our business services department to allow even more companies to take advantage of some of our free services so that we can help them grow as well as us more efficiently as well as it being even more beneficial for us all.

Our Elite Lucky Gamers ® Virtual Sellers department/service is continuing to grow with even more sellers joining the Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd network to sell their in-tangible goods. They're happy, and we're happy. Everything is honestly going great for us all. We honestly have a good feeling about 2018. This might even be the best ever year for us all.

Every-single department is continuing to grow and improve.

We've now reached over 170 five star Google reviews, thank you to you all. We do read your reviews. Here's three of the reviews that honestly made our week and put a smile on all of our faces.

"Elite Lucky Gamers Ltd Is One Of THE BEST Companies I Have Seen In A Long Time. the reason I'm saying this is because they don't only care about themselves unlike other companies. for example, they have helped out my company so much, they deserve way more money, and way more customers!"

- PixelSized, rated us five stars.

"The name is awesome! They made it so its a gaming community and a store. Both names fit either a store or a gaming community. The logo looks awesome too. The community is very nice too. (The gaming community) Pretty much everything is perfect and thought out. Everything looks so smooth. I rate it 10/10"

- schizophrenic teletubby, rated us five stars.

"This company is exquisite, unique compared to other companies. They offer great service, and were very kind and considerate to me."

- Matt TF2, rated us five stars.

Seriously, thank you all. Without all your generous support and loyalty, we wouldn't have been where we're at today.

We love you, and raise your glass to a even better future for us all.

- Darius Mohammadi (Director) & Caroline (Disputes Team).